car art

LBWK HuracanGT
car art · 06日 1月 2024
The year 2024 began with an earthquake on New Year's Day that made me think about many things. Wajima lacquer craftsmen, cheerful ladies at the morning market, and all the cheerful and kind people. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by the disaster. And I hope that as many people as possible will be rescued safely. This is LBWK Urracan GT, which I painted leisurely at the end of the year.Since the earthquake happened

car art · 21日 12月 2023
Celsior? Crown Athlete? Sorry we don't know the make and model of the car💦. Thank you very much for your request for illustration! We had some warm days until recently, with temperatures in the 20's, but it finally snowed. The sasanquas in my garden are beautiful. The branches will probably break when the snow piles's too hard to hang snow... ⛄️ We have to be careful of traffic accidents.

Drawing of WRX and NinjaH2
car art · 11日 12月 2023
We have created illustrations for WRX S4 and Ninja H2. Thank you very much for your request 🙇. This is the first time I know of the Ninja H2 motorcycle (after all these years...) It is 231 hp ‼️. The car we have at home is 200 hp. I'm too much of a coward to ride a motorcycle that has more horsepower than a car😅. When I rode a first generation Hayabusa, the front wheel floated when I connected the clutch at 4000 rpm and I thought it was a crazy bike. The H2 seems to be as different from my

Art of Roadster.
car art · 03日 12月 2023
Thank you for your request to illustrate the roadster! I have painted on various cars, but dark blue? I don't know what it's called, but dark blue is very difficult to paint and I struggle with it every time. There are 10 different blue colors in Schmincke's palette, but none of them match perfectly, and I end up changing the color or painting over each part, depending on my mood and intuition at the time. I recently bought a color with a long name, Liquitex Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade, and I...

car art · 26日 11月 2023
Thank you for your request for the old FC3S! The headlights that open, the sunroof, it still looks cool! The license plate number was also in double digits, and it looked like it had been driven carefully for a long time. However, I always struggle with old cars because of the difficult shades 😭 Like purple like brown or green like black...sheet metal painters have a hard time lol!

Drawing of 180SX
car art · 13日 11月 2023
Thank you for the 180SX illustration request! 🙇‍♀️ I also drew a torii gate in the background. The combination of the 180, which has become a completely nostalgic car, and the background is very pleasing to me as a shrine lover! I have been to many shrines and had exorcisms here and there. I love exorcisms. I am very healed by the sound of the flute, the drum, the rustling of the exorcism stick, and the reading by the priest. It also helps me to feel refreshed and free of strange possessions.

Drawing of LEGACY
car art · 07日 11月 2023
Thank you very much for the illustration order for the Subaru Legacy! This time we reworked the illustration data, and we are really impressed with the evolution of Photoshop, which can handle any modification or change. Thanks to the cloud computing, we can use the latest Photoshop for only 1,000 yen per month. A decade ago, software that cost tens of thousands of yen was a luxury item that quickly became outdated, and every time we changed computers, we had to buy new software.

Art of GT-R
car art · 30日 10月 2023
This time I drew an illustration of GT-R. Thank you very much for your request. ❗️ I am glad I was able to draw this GT-R, which has been modified here and there, in a very fun way👍.

Drawing of civic FK7
car art · 20日 10月 2023
Thank you very much for your request to illustrate the Civic FK7. I hope you will be pleased with the gift 🙏❗️ The blurred and shiny feeling of the lights was worth painting only with an airbrush. Thank you very much for your request!

Drawing of portrait.
car art · 08日 10月 2023
I am not good at portraits, so I am practicing. After all, drawing people is the most difficult. The model I drew is an AI model ⁉️. These days, AI can generate a photo-like image for you if you input your desired outfit and pose, which is very convenient.