motorcycle art

Drawing of Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX
motorcycle art · 20日 11月 2023
We painted a Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX. Thank you very much for your request 🥷! I am very happy to hear that you were pleased with the gift. I'm afraid it has nothing to do with Ninja at all, but I finally put in the inner window I've been longing for 🙌. This is my third interior window DIY. I'm getting better at working to the point. The drafts in this 70 year old house are amazing...and it's in Hokuriku. Thanks to the fact that it took about a month from the time of ordering to deliver

Art of motorcycle.
motorcycle art · 14日 10月 2023
The iphone camera is even better than I thought it would be. I'm very thankful for the brightness, saturation, and sharpness with just a push of a button, as I'm not a good photographer. I used to take pictures with Leica Q2 just to look good... 😅 It was like a waste of treasure. I can't take beautiful pictures at all with my poor skills. It's blurry, dark, no good points. I thought the latest 15pro would be even more beautiful, so I impulsively ordered it from the Apple Store.

kawasaki zephyr 1100
motorcycle art · 11日 4月 2023
This was a request for an illustration of a Zephyr 1100. Thank you very much👍 The owner had drawn it in the back, but I hid it because it was too unique... I love bikes with numerous modifications. Personally, I like machined aluminum parts, but this hand-made titanium muffler is beautiful! It is a work of art. I found a titanium tumbler on the net before, it was so beautiful and I wanted to have it, but it was quite expensive and I gave up 😅... Titanium is expensive.