WRX S4 NinjaH2

Drawing of WRX and NinjaH2
WRX S4 Ninja H2

We have created illustrations for WRX S4 and Ninja H2.

Thank you very much for your request 🙇.


This is the first time I know of the Ninja H2 motorcycle (after all these years...) It is 231 hp ‼️. The car we have at home is 200 hp. I'm too much of a coward to ride a motorcycle that has more horsepower than a car😅.


When I rode a first generation Hayabusa, the front wheel floated when I connected the clutch at 4000 rpm and I thought it was a crazy bike.


The H2 seems to be as different from my old Ninja GPX400R as an adult is from a kindergartener. The GPX was heavy and slow, but I felt safe when I rode it.