The flow of order production of car and motorcycle  art and how to choose the photo image.

1 Place the desired items in the shopping cart and complete the order by filling out the required information.


2 Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation email. Please fill in the order form in the e-mail with your request and reply with the image to be drawing as an attachment to the e-mail.



Please be aware of your e-mail settings as you may not receive our e-mail.


3 We will proceed with the production as soon as we confirm your request and photo images by e-mail.


4 It usually takes about 4 weeks from the time of order to completion. If you are in a hurry, please contact us before ordering.


5 We will notify you by e-mail when the work is completed and shipped. 

How to select photo images related to car and motorcycle illustration production.

We create illustrations based on photographic images provided by our customers, so we cannot draw precisely from photographs that are blurred, too dark, too bright, or have low resolution.Please send us an image that is as large, high-resolution, and clear as possible.


We do not recommend that you send us a developed photo, as the image is too small to see all the details.If you send us image data such as a digital camera image or cell phone photo, we will be able to depict the details more clearly.

how to order art

OK Please send us a photo with clear and bright details.

how to order illustration

BAD Dark, blacked-out, and generally blurred. Please note that wheel are particularly prone to blackout. The windshield is also completely black.If the interior of the car cannot be seen like in this picture, it cannot be painted.

how to order art

OK Even under magnification, every detail can be clearly seen and described in detail.

how to order art

BAD Please avoid photographs that the image becomes rough when enlarged even though the entire image of the car body is clearly visible.