Drawing of PortofinoM

Drawing of Ferrari PortofinoM
Ferrari PortofinoM

This is a common "I tried to draw ‼️" type of video.

I had tried several times before, but it was very difficult 💦 very difficult 😓 and tedious, so I had to stop.


However, the power of video is so much stronger than still pictures that I couldn't stop and resumed.

But it's a hassle. Shooting and editing are both tedious.


Pressing camera buttons, focusing, charging, pulling out and inserting memory cards, trimming, changing speeds, cutting and connecting.


It's tedious and time-consuming, so I decided not to do it after all, but when I was watching an insta-video for reference, a production video of Hayao Miyazaki came up and I said, "Ah, it's tedious, but most important things are tedious.


It was a great phrase that resonated with me.

I decided to do even troublesome things. I'm still not very good at it... 😅