I recently purchased an Olympus 200 sold on Total T's website, a B-grade airbrush for parts removal. I bought it to remove the needle caps and buttons, but I was inexplicably in love with this 200C with the big cup...


It was a B-grade product with a bad button press and a stuck feeling, so I changed the button this way and that, greased it up, and tried various things to make it a usable one.


After changing various parts and using it, I found that it was wonderful to draw with this combination of parts! I can draw very thin lines easily. The paint does not scatter even when the airbrush is very close to the paper.


It is definitely easier to draw with this brush than the MP-B, which is a top quality airbrush. It is also easy to maintain.


I had no idea that a handmade airbrush made several decades ago could be transformed into such a wonderful airbrush once the right combination of parts is found.


I already have enough airbrushes and don't need them, but I'm going to add more because I enjoy modifying them so much... 😅