Thank you so much for another year!

Thank you so much for another year!


We have about 4 hours left to go. I was able to spend the last day of the year relaxing.


I finished cleaning and put up New Year's decorations on the kamidana and Tenjin-sama. In this area, there is a custom to hang a Tenjin-sama scroll at New Year's when a boy is born in the family.


Although I myself have only a lax sense of faith, I love New Year's decorations because they are gorgeous and make me feel cheerful.


Every year, I enjoy decorating the New Year with whatever I want to put on display. As a mochi (rice cake) lover, Kagamimochi is my favorite, but this year I happened to find Daruma-san's chestnut confections, which I found by chance, and they are very festive and nice.


I am fed up with so much gloomy news, but I will make an effort to spend the next year in a cheerful mood 😁.


I wish you all a happy new year! I️ hope next year will be a bright one!

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